Mother Nature has given us the winds that blow from the north and dry the grapes after the rain needed to grow Teroldego
She took fine soil, silt and sand and mixed them with gravel in the
upper layers and pebbles from the Noce torrent in the depths she
gave us the sun for ripening, but, foresighted as only she can be,
also the mountains that are close enough to protect the vineyard
from too much exposure

our task is to enhance these conditions; our responsibility is to take care of them


This is where man’s work begins, after nature’s work; wine is made as always, with common sense, as the saying goes: “In a small
barrel is good wine”, but here, we have always used large barrels
and since each region has what it needs, the barrels were made of
oak, as well as chestnut

our task is to preserve memory, our responsibility is to pass it on


it is the time of nature that makes us wait for its fruits; it is the time of transformation that makes said fruits into wine; it is the time of maturation that makes wine and man better

our task is to wait; our responsibility is to preserve it for you