dannatoTeroldego Rotaliano D.O.C.

Dannato… without a doubt.

Find your destiny in the astral pattern. Year after year, always different, with every sip, it stands out for the harmony of its fabric, its Silt, sand Fine earth mixture of gravel and small pebbles of the Noce torrent. as you gradually go down, the pebbles become larger Slightly clayey Approximately 60cm-1m it can be understood when earth is of an adequate thickness during times of drought. When the vine suffers it is not sufficient. decisive and persistent core, its vigorous and well-matched acidity.

From Teroldego grapes, grown only from vines in the original area, cultivated according to the traditional double-pergola vine of the Province of Trento

Average vine age: 65 anni
Territory: Piana Rotaliana – Municipality of Mezzolombardo – Trentino
Soil: dolomitic – calcareous, alluvial
Sugars: dry
Grape harvest: end of September – early October
Agriculture: certified organic (control body ICEA)

Vinification takes place in stainless steel; we like to age the wine in oak and chestnut for at least 36 months, with a year’s rest in the bottle, which would be the minimum, but the vintage and our limited space as a small farm do not always allow this.