assoltoTeroldego I.g.t. Vigneti delle Dolomiti rosato

Assolto… my idea of rosè wine.

The crushed berries remain only a few hours in contact with their must and are then “assolti” (“acquitted”) of their task, leaving only the lightest and most fragrant hints of strawberry, red petals and rose in the future wine. Fresh from the vintage, it allows itself to be persuaded by every dish to dine with it: a true gentleman of yesteryear.

From Teroldego grapes, grown only from vines in the original area, cultivated according to the traditional double-pergola vine of the Province of Trento

Average age of the vines: 35 years
Territory: Piana Rotaliana – Municipality of Mezzolombardo – Trentino
Soil: dolomitic – calcareous, alluvial
Sugars: dry
Grape harvest: by hand; end of September – early October
Agriculture: certified organic (control body ICEA)

The vinification process and the short stay until bottling take place stainless steel.